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published at - 7 June 2023
June 7th and World Food Safety Day

ISO 22000, Food Safety, HACCP

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published at - 28 April 2023
April 28th”International Workers’ Memorial Day” and ISO 45001-HSE

The World Day observed on April 28th is known as “Workers’ Memorial Day” or “International Workers’ Memorial Day”. It is a day to commemorate workers who have been killed, injured, or suffered from illness due to their work. The day was first recognized in 1984 by the Canadian Union of Public Employees to honor workers […]

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published at - 25 April 2023
How does the implementation of quality management system based on ISO 9001 help engineering and design companies?

ISO 9001-QMS-

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published at - 15 April 2023
ACS Canada became a member of food processing skills Canada(FPSC)

    ACS Canada has accepted to be a member of food processing skills Canada(FPSC). The main goal of FPSC is to educate, cultivate and empower an exceptionally skilled workforce for the Canadian food and beverage processing industry. Food Processing Skills Canada is the food and beverage manufacturing industry’s workforce development organization and it is […]

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published at - 11 April 2023

Food industries are becoming more conscious of the need for and advantages of acting responsibly for others. Social responsibility’s objective is to promote sustainable development. Measuring a company’s overall effectiveness and ability to carry on operating efficiently now increasingly depends on how well it performs in relation to the society in which it operates and […]

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published at - 7 April 2023


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published at - 12 March 2023
Why Companies Become Natural Food Certified?

Natural Food Certification WHAT IS NATURAL FOOD Food that has undergone minimal processing and contains no preservatives or artificial additives. CFIA DEFINITION AND CLARIFICATION The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has created some rules to prevent companies from abusing the “natural” term. The CFIA says that foods can only be represented as natural if they have […]

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published at - 9 March 2023
Vegan Certification-Test & Compatibility Assessment

Vegan product certification includes (vegan food certification, vegan textile certification, vegan alcohol certification, vegan cosmetic certification, vegan pharmaceutical certification, etc.) and vegan business/service certification (vegan restaurants, lodging, training programs, consulting businesses)

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published at - 4 March 2023
Why Companies Become Dairy-Free Certified?

The basis of dairy free certification is sampling and testing in ILAC-ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

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published at - 26 February 2023
Gluten Free Approval Certification

The most common foods that can cause severe allergic reactions or threaten human health must always be announced with a specific name and identified and known to the public so that consumers can easily identify them on food labels. This is required by food labelling and labelling laws around the world. In this section, we’ll […]

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published at - 17 February 2023

True food allergies are adverse reactions by the immune system to particular foods. The effects can be severe, even fatal. Virtually all known food allergens are proteins that can exist in large quantities and are often not denatured during food processing. Recently, nuts have become particularly appreciated in vegan, vegetarian, Flexitarian, gluten-free diets. In the […]

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published at - 12 February 2023
Review on Social Responsibility and ISO guidelines

Profit is the natural target of each company around the world and always shall be. However, any economic target of our organization shall respect the social environment which helps us to reach our targets. Without a green environment, healthy and prosperous employees any company will not be able to sustainable reach its targets. Companies in […]

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published at - 23 January 2023

ACS Canada Certification has approved by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) as a North American member. IFOAM has accepted our membership and wrote us: “We are so happy that ACS Canada recently joined our membership! Thank you for your support in helping us promote and expand the organic movement. Together, we have […]

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published at - 4 January 2023
An overview of ISO certification and its benefits for businesses

What is ISO certification?  ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a non-governmental organization that develops and publishes international standards. These standards provide a common set of guidelines and requirements for various industries and sectors, and are used to ensure that products, services, and systems are of a high quality and are safe for use. Obtaining […]

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published at - 24 December 2022

To all valued clients, Co-workers, Lead Auditors and Families Thank you for working with us in 2022 and we look forward to growing our relationship in 2023.Happy New Year from all of us at ACS! We’re excited to see what kind of work we’ll achieve together this year. Happy New Year team! So proud of […]

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published at - 21 December 2022
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Dear Canadian Business Owner! Are you looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization? ISO 9001 certification may be the solution you’ve been seeking. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. It outlines the requirements for a systematic approach to managing and continually improving the quality of products and […]

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published at - 8 October 2022

Business accreditation bureau wrote for ACS: ACS CANADA CERTIFICATION A+ Congratulations and Welcome to an elite group of Better Business Bureau Accredited Businesses! BBB Accreditation is an honour; for more than a century, your BBB has set and upheld high standards for fair and honest business behaviour. Not every company is eligible for BBB Accreditation, […]

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published at - 15 August 2022

Georeg Georgia is certified according to food safety management system , ISO 22000:2018 recognized by GFSI.This certificate is accredited by International Accreditation Services-IAS United States.

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published at - 27 July 2022
Innovation and ISO 56002

ISO 56002 is a innovation management system, lets start from some major definitions in this subject. what is innovation and what is management system? 1-What is Innovation: As considered according to Schumpeter innovation occurred either when: i) new good was introduced, ii) new method of production was adapted, iii) entry to new market was established, […]

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published at - 12 July 2022

ISO 14006 is a guideline for enterprises to use in creating, documenting, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving their eco-design management as part of an environmental management system (EMS). This guideline is intended for companies that have established an EMS in accordance with ISO 14001, but it may also be used to integrate eco-design into other […]

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published at - 30 June 2022

HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL OUR CANADIAN CLIENTS, AUDITORS, COWORKERS, AND THEIR FAMILIES. We are commemorating the 155th anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867, which founded Canada as a nation, as the country turns 155 years old this year. The majority of towns in Canada hold Canada Day festivities, which often include outdoor public […]

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published at - 28 June 2022
ACS Canada ECO- Friendly Program

The Earth is facing a slew of environmental issues. Global warming, air pollution, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change, and a variety of other issues affect every human and animal on the globe. As a result, individuals must adjust their everyday actions to Eco design and be mindful of environmental issues and implications. One […]

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published at - 19 June 2022

To all instructors, auditors, and who lead us for decades as a kind father.

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published at - 16 June 2022
June 17 National Vegetable day and Vegetarian Certification

National Eat Your Vegetables Day has a long history. The origins of National Eat Your Vegetables Day may be traced back to a growing understanding of nutrition and its importance in leading a healthy lifestyle. Vegetables have always been vital in the lives of people, dating back to our earliest hunter-gatherer days. We couldn’t travel […]

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published at - 16 June 2022

Organizational resilience is an organization’s ability to absorb and adapt in a changing environment in order to deliver on its objectives and survive and prosper. More resilient businesses can foresee and respond to dangers and opportunities that arise as a result of abrupt or gradual changes in their internal and external environments. Increasing resilience may […]

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published at - 2 June 2022

WHAT IS SECURITY AND RESILIENCE Organizational resilience is an organization’s ability to absorb and adapt in a changing environment in order to deliver on its objectives and survive and prosper. More resilient businesses can foresee and respond to dangers and opportunities that arise as a result of abrupt or gradual changes in their internal and […]

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published at - 18 May 2022
Manager’s Performance Improvement Course

Manager’s Performance Improvement Course This course was developed by DEA Canadian College and ACS Canada Certification to develop performance knowledge by in site training and field trip. In this course, managers are initially familiar with the concepts of productivity, performance management, basic concepts of quality, basic concepts of environmental law compliance, basic concepts of business […]

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published at - 4 May 2022

WHAT IS BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BCMS) ISO 22301 specifies the format and provisions for implementing and maintaining a business continuity management system (BCMS) that reaches business continuity appropriate to the amount and type of impact that the business organization may or may not accept in the aftermath of a disruption. The consequences of maintaining […]

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published at - 29 April 2022

One of the most important indicators of tourist satisfaction in British Columbia is the quality of services of hotels, motels and resorts. This quality is defined for the first time in the world in the new standard of ISO 22483 edition 2020. So far, we have faced the quality standards of hotel groups, each has […]

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published at - 26 April 2022
GMP Food Certification

GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GMP)is emerging as a major element of the food industry’s complete food safety system. Consumers now place a high value on food safety and quality assurance. The GMP standard’s legal basis is well-found in Codex Alimentarius Commission standards such as CAC RCP 1, general principles of food hygiene. The Codex Alimentarius is […]

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published at - 21 April 2022

This is the moment to change it all — the business climate, the political climate, and how we take action on climate. Now is the time for the unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, our families, and our livelihoods. For Earth Day 2022, we need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). […]

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published at - 20 April 2022

The International Organization for Standardization, called ISO, which is responsible for developing technical and quality standards, has developed the ISO 21001 standard to provide quality guidance based on strategic thinking for universities and educational institutions. Canada is one of the largest study destinations in the world, with an advanced education system, up-to-date science and space, […]

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published at - 17 April 2022

Easter is here, and it brings with it one of our most favorite times of the year. The hopeful season coincides with warmer spring weather, beautiful flowers, and a feeling of hopeful renewal. Of course, we want to share the love and spread our joy to our clients, auditors and their families.

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published at - 11 April 2022

Congratulations Hookah Fruits! Hookah Fruits™ is the leading Australian owned brand for “Fruits for Smoking” founded in Sydney, Australia. Inspired by traditional Eastern methods, Hookah Fruits™ provides users with the highest quality smokable fruits for an enjoyable, fun, and sociable alternative to typical Tobacco smoking. GMP HOOKAH Australia

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published at - 11 April 2022

Congratulations to TEK7 Australia! TEK7 has been involved in the engineering, process, fuel handling, material handling, automation and combustion systems of several greenfield plants built in the past ten years. CERTIFICATE- TEK7 GLOBAL

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published at - 11 April 2022

It does not matter where you are in the world, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto or Los Angeles. We are close to you by holding an online QMS-ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit Course. INTERNAL AUDITOR COURSE DETAILS This course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand requirements against ISO 9001 and to successfully […]

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published at - 11 April 2022
NSRS Vancouver Certified

Congratulations to NSRS! North Shore Rolling Stock (NSRS) Inc., is a quality manufacturer and supplier of high-quality assembly components and spare parts for locomotives, freight cars and passenger coaches.

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