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The main purpose of obtaining certification for a food or agricultural product from the ACS third-party certification body is to demonstrate compliance with international standards such as Codex and AOAC, regional standards including those of North America, South America, European Union EC Codes, ASEAN, CANZUK, GSO, and Eurasia, as well as national standards such as FDA, USDA, ANVISA Brazil, and FSANZ Australia. Additionally, certification may be required to meet the specific product requirements of customers like COSTCO, Walmart, Save on Food, or SAFEWAY.


The certification process is based on sampling and testing conducted in ILAC-ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. These technical food and agricultural laboratories perform tests on product samples according to ACS and product requirements. They then submit comprehensive test reports to ACS. Our technical team reviews the results and conducts testing comparisons to determine product conformity. If the results do not meet the requirements, a non-conformity report is issued to the applicant. If the test results are confirmed to be compliant, a product certificate is issued to the manufacturing company or producer. Subsequently, the product certification logo is awarded to the certificate holder.


By obtaining international approval for food or agricultural products, companies can provide supporting documents and records from ISO 17025-ILAC accredited laboratories. These reports serve as evidence of compliance. This certification facilitates worldwide marketing and sales, instilling confidence in the quality of products among clients and consumers alike.

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ACS employs accelerated learning methods to ensure a comprehensive grasp of all certificates. Our approach involves contextualizing your learning through a wide array of options, including classroom instruction, workshops, as well as interactive and online sessions.

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