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Storage and distribution are important activities in the supply chain management of food products. Various people and entities are generally liable for handling, storage, and distribution. Products may be subjected to various risks at different stages in the supply chain during purchasing, storage, distribution, transportation, repackaging, and relabeling.

GOOD STORAGE PRACTICE is one of the Pre-Requisite programs in food safety management systems. GSP has a direct effect on the quality and safety of food products. The part of infection or contamination of food products would have occurred during distribution and transportation and bulk storage before distribution. GSP has a major rule in food traceability which could trace the product root and path of distribution and then during food withdrawal in an emergency, it would assist food companies to collect infected or spoiled products from the market.

GSP is intended to apply to all persons and outlets involved in any aspects of the storage and distribution of food and agricultural products from the premises of the farm/ manufacturer of the product to the groceries providing food products directly to the consumers. This includes all parties involved in trade, storage, and distribution of food and agricultural products, manufacturers, and wholesalers, as well as other parties such as brokers, suppliers, distributors, logistics providers, traders, transport companies, and forwarding agents and their employees.


Prove that your distribution and traceability system is properly designed and implemented, prove that your storage system poses no risk to products and the end consumer, prove that your storage system operates internationally and is just as reliable, reassure upstream companies and food inspection agencies if they need to collect the product immediately from the market.

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