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ISO 22301 specifies the format and provisions for implementing and maintaining a business continuity management system (BCMS) that reaches business continuity appropriate to the amount and type of impact that the business organization may or may not accept in the aftermath of a disruption. The consequences of maintaining a BCMS are defined by the organization's legal, regulatory, organizational, and industrial needs, goods and services given, procedures used, the organization's size and structure, and the requirements of its interested parties.

A BCMS emphasizes the importance of:

1-Understanding the organization's needs and the necessity of establishing business continuity policies and objectives,

2-Operating and maintaining processes, capabilities, and response structures to ensure the organization will survive disruptions,

3-Monitoring and reviewing the performance and effectiveness of the BCMS,

4-Continual improvement based on qualitative and quantitative measures.

Benefits of a business continuity management system:

The purpose of a BCMS is to prepare for, provide and maintain controls and capabilities for managing an organization's overall ability to continue to operate during disruptions. In achieving this, the organization is:

From a business perspective:

-Supporting its strategic objectives; -Creating a competitive advantage; -Protecting and enhancing its reputation and credibility, -Contributing to organizational resilience;

From a financial perspective:

-Reducing legal and financial exposure; -Reducing direct and indirect costs of disruptions.

From the perspective of interested parties:

-Protecting life, property and the environment; -Considering the expectations of interested parties; -Providing confidence in the organization's ability to succeed.

From an internal processes perspective:

-Improving its capability to remain effective during disruptions; -Demonstrating proactive control of risks effectively and efficiently; -Addressing operational vulnerabilities.

ACS Canada has designed BCMS training and consultancy courses for manufacturing and service organizations. Organizations can be audited and certified according to Business Continuity Management Systems requirements (BCMS)ISO 22301 and obtain ACS Canada's BCMS award certificate.

Training at ACS Canada

ACS employs accelerated learning methods to ensure a comprehensive grasp of all certificates. Our approach involves contextualizing your learning through a wide array of options, including classroom instruction, workshops, as well as interactive and online sessions.

ISO 22301-BCMS Certification Training - 1


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Quantitative Methods for Business Management

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ISO 22301-BCMS Certification Training - 6
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ISO 22301-BCMS Certification Training - 7


ISO 22301 – Requirements

This course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand requirements and documentation against the requirements of BCMS-ISO 22301.

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ISO 9001 – Requirements

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