Marketing Management

By the end of this course, the participants would be able to prepare a marketing plan by marketing mix concepts, marketing segmentation, targeting & positioning (STP), and identifying consumer behavior.

Why Marketing Management is a vital part of the organization: Kotler says" The future is not ahead of us. It has already happened. Unfortunately, it is unequally distributed among companies, industries, and nations.

Course Content:

Definition of Marketing, importance, and scope of Marketing, nature, and concept of marketing, marketing, and the society.

Controllable marketing factors, the Four P’s, and Uncontrollable marketing factors, PESTEL.

Tasks of marketing, the major concepts, tools of marketing, and orientations do companies exhibit in the marketplace.

Marketing Mix Concepts, segmentation, targeting & positioning (STP), consumer behavior and its Importance.

Marketing terms: Online Marketing, green Marketing, Relationship Marketing, affinity Marketing-Loyalty development ,Black Marketing-Illegal marketing, Demarketing-discouraging the demand, Mega marketing, Meta marketing, Synchro-marketing, Test Marketing, turbo marketing.

The marketing mix, Product mix, Place mix, price mix, promotion mix, Market segmentation, Targeting, positioning, STP.

Consumer decision-making process and CB model.