ISO 29001 – Requirements & Documentation

This course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand requirements and documentation against the requirements of ISO 29001.

Assessment: MCQ based Assessment to Pass the Course and obtain your qualification of requirements and documentation



KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (ISO 29001 TERMS AND DEFINITION/ Quality specification level/ competence catalogue/ Competence profile/ Proficiency level/ Inspection and test plan)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Managing risks and opportunities/ Techniques and tools/ Identification and assessment of risks and opportunities/ Prevention and mitigation of risks/ Identify sources of risk and opportunity/ Areas of impacts/ Events and their causes and potential consequences/ Risk and opportunity evaluation and control plan)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Risk-based maintenance/ Preventive and predictive maintenance/ Reliability centered maintenance/ FMEA)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Quality control in testing laboratories, Measurement traceability, competency/ Impartiality/ Consistency )

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Control of documented information/ Information security management system )

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Reliability and maintenance data for equipment)

Level of documentation-Documentation hierarchy