ISO 14007 Training Course

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand guidelines and steps of environmental costs and benefits-ISO 14007 and sustainability.

ISO 14007 environmental costs and benefits concept:

ISO 14007: "Environmental costs are any costs related to the environment, which can result from, for example, the loss of natural capital that companies are dependent on, impacts on human health and the environment or environmental legislation-related compliance costs. Environmental benefits are any benefits related to the environment, which can result from, for example, natural resources used within products or the production processes of a given organization, including their value chain. Understanding its environmental costs and benefits allows an organization to link environmental impacts and dependencies to its decision-making processes. This can create a better understanding of issues, such as the financial implications related to the environmental aspects of a site, the organization as a whole, or the organization’s supply or value chain. It can improve operational performance, risk management, investment decisions and corporate communications. Using this document to determine environmental costs and benefits can help an organization to manage its environmental dependencies and to mitigate its environmental impacts. It will also help to align an organization’s activities with national and international environmental goals or agreements".



Knowledge Freshener(ISO 14007 concept and sustainability)

Sustainability and Eco Friendly, Green approaches and environmental costs and benefits.

Knowledge Freshener (TERMS AND DEFINITION including ecosystem, ecosystem service, natural resource, environmental condition ,environmental dependency, environmental dependency pathway, environmental aspect, environmental impact, Environmental economics and finance, use value,non-use value, total economic value, environmental benefit, environmental cost, environmental damage cost, environmental dependency cost, environment related internal/ external costs).

Course review on planning including Qualitative assessment, quantitative non-monetary assessment, Quantitative monetary assessment ,distinguishing internal from external environmental costs and benefits, considerations when determining environment-related internal costs and benefits, planning actions to determine environmental costs and benefits.

Course review on qualitatively assessing environmental costs and benefits, quantifying environmental costs and benefits in non-monetary terms, quantifying environmental costs and benefits in monetary terms .

Course review on aggregating environmental costs and benefits, reporting and continual improvement.

Level of documentation-Documentation hierarchy