ISO 14006 Eco-Design

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand guidelines of Eco-Design-ISO 14006 and sustainability.

ISO 14006 concept of Eco Design:

ISO 14006: "Organizations are recognizing both the need to reduce adverse impacts on the environment from their product(s) and the need to include environmental considerations in design and development, applying life cycle thinking. This process is generally called "eco-design". Other terms that are used include "design for environment (DIE)", "environmentally conscious design (ECD)", "environmentally sustainable design" and "green design". The term "eco-design" is used throughout this document.Eco-design is defined in this document as a systematic approach, which considers environmental aspects in design and development with the aim to reduce adverse environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of a product. In this document it is understood that the EMS should take account of design and development, and, within that, Eco-design, with a view to enhancing product-related environmental performance. Eco-design should be applied to new and existing products, including the modification of processes as needed in delivering products.".



KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Eco-Design -ISO 14006 Fundamental and sustainability)


Eco-Design -ISO 14006 guidelines including ,Benefits of conducting Eco-design, Strategic aspects of Eco-design, Environmental and Eco-design policies, Environmental policy, Eco-design policy, Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities, Planning, Actions to address risks and opportunities, Environmental aspects, Legal and other requirements (compliance obligations), Planning action, Environmental objectives and planning to achieve them, Operational planning and control, Integrating Eco-design into design and development, design for environment (DIE),environmentally conscious design (ECD), "environmentally sustainable design,

Required documentation in Eco-Design -ISO 14006

Level of documentation-Documentation hierarchy

EAI, Environmental aspects and impacts, Method of environmental evaluations.

Sustainability and Eco Friendly, Green approaches and Eco-Design.

Life cycle thinking in material acquisition, design and development, manufacturing, delivery and installation, use (including reuse, maintenance, repair, remanufacturing, refurbishing and upgrading),end-of-life treatment.