ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Handling

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand requirements and documentation against the requirements of ISO 10002.

Assessment: MCQ based Assessment to Pass the Course and obtain your qualification of requirements and documentation

Prior Knowledge Requirements: Idea of QMS requirements.






1- Receiving of complaint: Upon reporting of the initial complaint, the complaint should be recorded with supporting information and a unique identifier code. The record of the initial complaint should identify the remedy sought by the complainant and any other information necessary for the effective handling of the complaint. 2- Tracking of complaints The complaint should be tracked from initial receipt through the entire process until the complain satisfied or the final decision is made. An up-to-date status should be made available upon request and at regular intervals, at least at the time of pre-set deadlines. The complainants should be treated courteously and be kept informed of the progress of their complaint through the complaint handling process. 3- Acknowledgement of complaints Receipt of each complaint should be acknowledged to the complainant immediately (e.g. through phone or email). 4-Initial assessment of complaints After receipt, each complaint should be initially assessed in terms of criteria, such as severity, implication, complexity, impact, and the need and possibility of immediate action. Complaints should addressed promptly in accordance with their urgency. For example, significant health and safety should be processed immediately. 5-Investigation of complaints Every reasonable effort should be made to investigate all the relevant circumstances and inform surrounding a complaint. The level of investigation should be commensurate with the serious frequency of occurrence and severity of the complaint. 6- Response to complaints Following an appropriate investigation, the organization should offer a response such as correct the problem and prevent it happening in the future. 7-Communicating the decision The decision or any action taken regarding the complaint, which is relevant to the complainant or personnel involved, should be communicated to them as soon as the decision or action is taken.

Documentation in quality management system

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