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What is a Vegetarian product?

The product that excludes the use of animal-derived substances obtained with the sacrifice and/or mistreatment of animals at every stage of its production. On the other hand, the use of eggs, milk, honey, wool, and other products derived from live animals is allowed, provided that mistreatment and mutilation are avoided and animal welfare is guaranteed in a controlled manner.

The difference between veganism and vegetarianism is that vegans not only adopt a non-animal food diet, but they also have a clear attitude towards animal cruelty at all stages of their lives.


More consumers are concerned about ethical and environmental issues.

People looking for animal-free products, all want a guarantee.

Vegan product certification includes (vegan food certification, vegan textile certification, vegan alcohol certification, vegan cosmetic certification, vegan pharmaceutical certification, etc.) and vegan business/service certification (vegan restaurants, lodging, training programs, consulting businesses).

Products or services that have been certified by ACS Canada, will receive a Vegetarian symbol on the product label.

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GMP Requirements


GMP – Requirements & Documentation

This course aims to teach the principles and practices of GMP requirements in the food industry.

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