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Eating too much added sugar is linked to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. But, at the moment, it can be difficult and expensive to stick to low sugar or sugar-free diet. Sugar-free product contains a maximum of 0.5g of total sugar per 100ml for a drink or 0.5g of sugar per 100g for a food product.

Sugar-Free Product Approval Process

Allow us to elucidate the meticulous framework of our esteemed Sugar-Free certification process. At its core, our program involves a comprehensive sampling and testing procedure carried out in esteemed ILAC-ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. These technical food laboratories meticulously conduct tests on the samples in accordance with ACS and product requirements, generating a comprehensive report that is then submitted to ACS.

Our technical team thoroughly reviews the results and performs meticulous comparisons to determine the product's compliance. In the event that the results do not meet the requirements, a detailed non-conformities report is provided to the applicant. Conversely, if the test results are confirmed to be in accordance with the stringent requirements, a Sugar-Free certificate is issued to the manufacturing company/producer, thereby granting them the privilege of displaying the Sugar-Free product logo.

Furthermore, we would also like to shed light on the foundation of our Sugar-Free certification program. Despite the absence of a formalized accreditation specifically dedicated to Sugar-free certification, our program is built upon a solid framework comprising the following pillars:

1. Producer claim: Attaining certification necessitates substantiating your assertions by presenting evidence that showcases your facility's unwavering commitment to implementing procedures that guarantee the absence of sugar in your products. The initial step towards certification involves completing our Sugar-free application form, wherein you will furnish intricate details concerning your production processes and facility management.

2. Accredited laboratory test reports: To further strengthen the veracity of your claims, we require subjecting your product samples to laboratory testing. However, we solely accept results procured from laboratories that have earned accreditation and recognition from the esteemed International Accreditation Laboratory Council (ILAC). This stringent criterion ensures an unwavering commitment to precision and accuracy, fostering trust in the certification process.

3. Third-party independent approval: Upholding the principles of fairness and unbiased evaluation, ACS engages an independent third-party auditor to review your application and scrutinize the results of your testing. Through meticulous assessment, we determine whether your products align with our rigorous Sugar-Free certification requirements. Subsequently, we provide a recommendation for either certification approval or rejection, ensuring the integrity of the process.

We believe it is vital to note that Sugar-Free certifications possess a significant validity period, requiring reapplication upon expiration to maintain the certification status. We hold our responsibility in the highest regard, which is why we conduct regular audits and inspections to verify the continual adherence of your facility to our certification requisites.

Rest assured, our unwavering commitment to excellence, meticulous certification protocols, and stringent adherence to standards enable us to provide you with distinguished Sugar-Free certifications, solidifying your reputation as a purveyor of products that cater to the discerning needs of health-conscious consumers.


We would like to highlight the remarkable benefits of obtaining ACS Canada's Sugar-Free certification, tailored to assist you in attracting health-conscious consumers and enhancing their confidence in your products.

By displaying the sugar-free logo on your consumer products, you provide valuable assistance to consumers in making healthier food choices. This symbol acts as a clear indicator that your product is low in free sugars, aligning with their desire for nutritious options. Choosing sugar-free products offers individuals the assurance that they are making a mindful decision for their well-being.

Moreover, the sugar-free label serves as a guarantee that your product stands apart from similar alternatives from a sugar's perspective. With our certification, you can confidently convey that your product is not only delicious but also offers a healthier alternative, ensuring peace of mind for your discerning customers.

Upon successful certification by ACS Canada, your product will be granted the privilege of displaying the prestigious Sugar-Free symbol on the product label. This visual representation acts as a seal of approval, providing instant recognition to consumers seeking sugar-free options and further reinforcing their trust in your brand.

At ACS Canada, we are committed to supporting your business success and empowering you to cater to the needs and preferences of health-conscious individuals. Our certification process, industry expertise, and dedication to excellence enable us to provide you with a Sugar-Free certification that sets your products apart in the market.

Join our esteemed community of certified brands and unlock the potential to attract and retain health-conscious consumers who value the importance of making informed dietary choices.

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