ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Certification

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Enterprises and their stakeholders all across the world are becoming more conscious of the need for and advantages of acting responsibly for others. Social responsibility's objective is to promote sustainable development. Measuring a company's overall effectiveness and ability to carry on operating efficiently now increasingly depends on how well it performs in relation to the society in which it operates and how its influence on the environment.

This partially reflects the increased understanding of the necessity to guarantee sound organizational governance, healthy ecosystems, and social equality. All companies' operations ultimately depend on the state of the global ecosystems. Organizations are more closely monitored by their various stakeholders.

Principles of social responsibility according to ISO 26000 reference:


The principle is: an organization should be accountable for its impacts on society, the economy and the environment.


The principle is: an organization should be transparent in its decisions and activities that impact on society and the environment.

3-Ethical behaviour

The principle is: an organization should behave ethically. An organization's behaviour should be based on the values of honesty, equity and integrity. These values imply a concern for people, animals and the environment and a commitment to address the impact of its activities and decisions on stakeholders' interests.

4-Respect for stakeholder interests

The principle is: an organization should respect, consider and respond to the interests of its stakeholders

5-Respect for the rule of law

The principle is: an organization should accept that respect for the rule of law is mandatory.

6-Respect for international norms of behavior

The principle is: an organization should respect international norms of behaviour, while adhering to the principle of respect for the rule of law.

7-Respect for human rights

The principle is: an organization should respect human rights and recognize both their importance and their universality.

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