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Training course for this certification.

This standard's goal is to provide confidence and certainty in laboratory operations, and it includes standards for laboratories to demonstrate that they function competently and can deliver accurate and validated findings. ISO 17025 provides the general standards for labs' competence, impartiality, and consistency of operation. Laboratories that meet this standard also will follow the ISO 9001 principles in general.

This standard specifies the laboratory to design and manage measures to address risks and opportunities, which both lay the groundwork for increasing the efficacy of the management system, achieving better results, and avoiding undesirable consequences. Each laboratory is responsible for determining which risks and opportunities must be handled. The adoption of ISO 17025 will promote collaboration among labs and other entities, as well as the exchange of skill and understanding, and the alignment of standards and processes. When laboratories adhere to these standard norms, the acceptability of results across countries is facilitated.

The requirements of this standard have been divided into two-part, the first part is requirements of the quality management system where the second part is technical competency requirements such as personnel, premises including facilities and environmental conditions, equipment, test methods, metrological traceability verification, validation of test methods, evaluation of measurement uncertainty, sampling, and reporting.

ACS has designed type of training and consultancy courses for testing laboratories . laboratories can be shadow assessment against the requirements of ISO 17025. ACS carry out shadow assessment by the assessors of accreditation bodies and provides a complete report of compliance and non-compliance of the laboratory in both system and technical sections..


Training Level 1- Requirements and documentation of ISO 17025.This course has been designed for TESTING laboratories. This course is not covered requirements for CALIBRATION laboratories.

Training Level 2- Uncertainty in measurement.

Training Level 3- Quality assurance in testing laboratories.

Training Level 4- Internal Audit in testing laboratories.

All participants who successfully complete the courses will be awarded a traceable training certificate.

Training at ACS Canada

ACS employs accelerated learning methods to ensure a comprehensive grasp of all certificates. Our approach involves contextualizing your learning through a wide array of options, including classroom instruction, workshops, as well as interactive and online sessions.

ISO 17025 Consultancy Training - 1



This course aims to teach the principles and practices of basic QC tools including statistical process control, SPC, and statistical quality control, SQC.

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ISO 17025 Consultancy Training - 2
Design of Experiment


Design of Experiment (DOE)

Design of Experiment (DOE) is a powerful statistical technique for improving product or process designs and solving process or production problems. DOE defines control changes to input variables in order to find cause and effect relationships with a minimum sample size. When analyzing a process, experiments are often used to evaluate which process inputs have […]

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ISO 17025 Consultancy Training - 3


Laboratory Internal Auditor

This course aims to teach the principles of effective laboratory internal audits.

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ISO 17025 Consultancy Training - 4


ISO 17025 – Uncertinity in Measurement

This course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills of uncertainty in measurement in TESTING laboratories.

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ISO 17025 Consultancy Training - 5


ISO 17025 – Requirements

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand ISO 17025 requirements.

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